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What exactly is Fusion Healing and how could it benefit you? Fusion Healing is a holistic healing treatment that is part of a bodywork alliance formed to bring healing and wellness to the community. Fusion Healing is comprised of an eclectic mix of CranioSacral Therapy, Somato Emotional Therapy, Visceral and Neural Manipulation Therapy, and Brennan Healing Science (Energy Therapy). When applied successfully, the end result will help you in balancing and healing your physical and spiritual body and calming your mind and emotions. Why put up with those nagging aches and pains and weary bones? Quality of life is important…wouldn’t you rather feel physically better, calmer, more relaxed and grounded so that you can enjoy and make the most out of each day?

Through the application of Fusion Healing’s blended therapies, our clients are enjoying welcome relief from their specific ailments while enjoying the added benefits of a calmer state of being. Fusion Healing successfully helps people alleviate a broad spectrum of ailments, including: back and neck pain, headaches, chronic fatigue, emotional difficulties, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJD), stress and tension-related problems.

Fusion Healing also specializes in aiding those with digestion issues including chronic constipation and acid reflux issues. We have also been successful in reducing urinary incontinence problems and softening post-surgical scarring that can create a variety of digestive or pelvic issues.

Sessions are made by appointment only.

What Are Clients Saying about Fusion Healing

Elia Hutchins has changed my life. I went to her for Lyme disease in 2013, and have seen her on and off since then. She is highly trained and her knowledge of the body is amazing. Recently, she did body work on me that transformed my relation with my partner, and made my heart feel more open. I have never experienced anything like it. Also, her work with my organs around toxicity and Lyme disease greatly speeded my recovery. I recommend her to everyone, and I am utterly grateful to her for the work she does, she is the best!
Mae McAleavy
“It’s rare to find a therapist that is a truly gifted healer. Elia’s intuitiveness and knowledge of the body is wonderful. She uses whatever modalities needed to get results. Nine times out of ten, I leave her office with my aches and pains completely gone, and that is a tall order with my chronic problems! Her CranioSacral therapy is powerful, getting to the root of the problem on a deeper level.”
B. Railsback, CMT, Santa Rosa, CA
“CranioSacral work has been extremely valuable in healing my body both of present and past traumas and illness. It works on many levels, from relieving immediate pains and distress to deeper levels of altering negative, cellular memory patterns. I always leave a Fusion Healing session feeling healed and refreshed physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.”
P. Zorn, Retired Health Care Nurse, Santa Rosa, CA

“Elia is a consummate professional whose depth of knowledge has transformed my overall health. Through her superior intuitive use of massage and CranioSacral work, applying a variety of mental therapy and healing techniques, I no longer suffer from chronic back and neck pain, and my tense muscles are relaxed!”
Dr. Kelm, Santa Rosa, CA
“You are a God-send, I cannot begin to express how much better I feel from the work you provide. I always come out feeling so much better and I really look forward to our sessions.”
J. Dawes, Jewelry Designer, Santa Rosa, CA

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Services Offered

CranioSacral Therapy
CranioSacral Therapy For Children
Somato Emotional Release Therapy
Visceral Manipulation
Neural Manipulation
Massage Therapy


$125 - 50 minute therapeutic session


52 Mission Circle, Suite #200
Santa Rosa, CA 95409


Mon-Fri 10-5

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